URBAN Streetwear / Introduction

Welcome to URBAN streetwear. I am starting this blog to show and speak about my passion which is streetwear or fashion in general. As a new blog I will be posting popular and orignal outfits of my own, of viewers and celebrities who are rocking the latest trends. I will also be posting outfits of the day when I gain a wider following. If you have an interest in fashion then please keep posted and updated with my blog. In the future I hope to expand and not only have a blog but to start making videos as well as working with brands on instagram in order to create a job out of my passion.

Myself – I am an 18 year old from the UK and have always had an interest in fashion, mainly streetwear. I have decided to create this blog and get into this market as I like to speak about fashion and streetwear with people with similar interests, I work your typical job in order to earn myself money and then obviously it all gets spent on clothes and shoes anyway. Sorry for the typical #firstpost but I assure future posts will be more interesting and fashion related, stay posted!


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